April 2019 Wrap Up

April was a pretty busy month and the next couple of look to be the same. I accepted a short term museum position that will start at the end of May and run through part of August so I don’t know how often I will post on this blog. However, I do have some back logged posts that I need to work on and finally post so anyone reading this blog will get those in the this month or next month.

In terms of things to review, I haven’t been reading very much and though I’m working my way though several TV shows I’m not sure the best way to review them. I don’t want to do episode by episode because I often take long breaks when I’m watching shows but because of those breaks I’m not sure I would remember or have enough to say at the end of a season. If anyone has any suggestions or favorite formats please let me know.

But what I did read this month was amazing. I finally went back and reread Monstress vol. 1 and 2 to continue on to vol. 3 and I love the series just as much now as I did when I read it the first time. Monstress is set in a fantasy world where humans and fantasy creatures know as Arcanics live. Some Arcanics and their half breed children can pass as humans but many have animal characteristics that set them part. In the past there was a war between the Humans and the Arcanics but when the story stats the war has been over for several years. The story follows Miaka Halfwolf a young Arcanic woman who passes as a human attempting to find more information about her mother and what her mother was involved in as Miaka suspects that it will effect her future. Miaka holds in herself the mind and form of one the the ancient demons that some worship as gods and she needs to figure out what she wants to do and her place in the world before others can stop her, kill her, or use her. These graphic novels are wonderfully illustrated and the story is told not just through the writing but also the art. Its no wonder this series has won multiple awards and is now one of my favorite graphic novel series. All three volumes deserve the highest ratings. 5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars