September 2019 Shelflove Crate

IMG_0861This month I decided to try out several different monthly book box subscriptions. Shelflove Crate is a fantasy and science fiction subscription box that includes a new hardcover book and bookish items each month. September’s theme is The Witching Hour and is geared towards getting readers into the spooky season.IMG_0866

The bookish items included are a candle inspired by A Discovery of Witches that smells like lemons, a Grisha inspired spirit board aka a Ouija board, a necklace with the saying Hello Witchling, a magnet inspired by Practical Magic, and a cauldron shaped mug inspired by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This year Shelflove Crate is also including two character chess pieces in each months box, this month is Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

The book included in There Will Come a Darkness by Katy Rose Pool. In this world a prophecy was given that stated when the new prophet was born they would either be the worlds savior or cause its destruction. The story follows five character who’s paths are no a collision course and any one of them could save or end the world. The book also came with an author letter, signed book plate, and matching book mark.IMG_0873

This is my first monthly Shelflove Crate and I really liked everything in the box. I will use everything included in this box which most subscription boxes can be hit or miss on the items. Unlike other book boxes Shelflove informs customers which book is included in each box.

September 2019 Illumicrate

Recently I have decided to try out several different monthly book subscription boxes. Illumicrate is a UK based fantasy and science fiction book box that has monthly boxes or just a monthly book only subscription. Each box also includes a selection of bookish goodies some more practical, others more decorative set around a monthly theme. September’s theme is High Stakes.IMG_0878

The items included in this box are a ceramic travel cup inspired by Children of Blood and Bone, a note pad loosely inspired by Good Omens, a Blackcliff Academy wooden postcard inspired by An Ember in the Ashes, a scarf inspired by Carry On, and a DNA lanyard from This Mortal Coil. Each month Illumicrate also includes a magnetic collectible coin this months features Katniss Everdeen.img_0881.jpg

Illumicrate, like other book boxes, include a new hard cover each month that is signed and has a letter from the author. This months book is Kingdom of Souls: The Last Witch Doctor by Rena Barron is a special edition with sprayed edges. The story follows Arrah who come from a magically powerful family but has never had her own powers. Shortly after she decides to sacrifice some of her life for magic children in the village start to disappear and Arrah is determined to find the culprit but she might find something much worse.img_0884.jpg

I have purchased Illumicrate boxes in the past and for me their specialty boxes are amazing and well worth the cost and shipping but the monthly boxes can be very hit or miss. Most of the items in this box I won’t use and are from series that I don’t care about. This can be a problem with any box that you don’t know what you will be receiving but Illumicrate is often just to expensive with international shipping. For me, specialty boxes will most likely the only boxes that I buy from them in the future.

October’s theme is With Great Power.

September 2019 Owl Crate

Owl Crate is a young adult book subscription box where every month you receive one new hardcover book and an assortment of bookish goodies connected to the monthly theme. Some of these items are very practical and some are better suited as decor or for a pin/builtin board. September’s theme is Fear the Night.IMG_0851

Each box includes different bookish goodies that fit the theme of the month and are connected to other books.This month bookish items include skeleton finger less gloves, caramel coffee from Bones Coffee Company, a ceramic trinket dish inspired by Frankenstein, and an art print inspired by Something Wicked This Way Comes. The coffee is very good and taste like a latte if you add cream and sugar. It smells like Starbucks to me.

This month Owl Crate included an extra book  The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson to help everyone get into the spooky spirit before Halloween. Also a chapter sampler from the Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh was also included. IMG_0855

Every month Owl Crate has a new young adult hardback book that has an exclusive cover, is signed and comes with a letter from the author. The enamel pin the is in every box is also inspired by that months book.The book this month is The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones. It this world the dead don’t always stay dead due to a curse on the town. Ryn, a grave digger, must team up with Ellis, a map maker, must work together to figure out why this is happening, save the village, and maybe break the curse.  This month an exclusive matching book mark was also included.

Octobers’s theme is Dawn of a New World.