Illumicrate Collections: The Night Circus

While I love Illumicrate’s monthly boxes their collections and special edition boxes for one book or a series I think are their best boxes overall. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Night Circus they created a wonderful special edition book and box that truly celebrates the wonder of The Night Circus.

The items included in the box were a book tin, a tea for one set with a cup and tea pot, an enamel pin, a Le Cirque Des Reves hanging banner, a metal bookmark, and a foiled print.

The main reason I buy boxes like this are for the beautiful special editions of the book included. This edition of The Night Circus has a silver cover, foiling on the hardback, black and white striped stenciled edges, a ribbon bookmark, an author letter on the front endpapers, and is signed. Illumicrate does some of the most beautifully designed books I own.

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