January 2023 Illumicrate

Illumicrate is a UK based fantasy and science fiction book box that has monthly boxes or just a monthly book only subscription. Each box also includes a selection of bookish goodies some more practical, others more decorative set around a monthly theme. January’s theme is Journey’s End.

The items included in this box are a Daevabad wooden map, a bag inspired by The Book Eaters, a cutlery set inspired by Lord of the Rings, a pencil wrap for art supplies though I feel like it could also be used for makeup brushes, and a cardholder featuring Lying Cat from Saga.

Illumicrate, like other book boxes, include a new hard cover each month and most months a letter from the author. This months book is Godkiller by Hannah Kaner. Kissen’s family were killed by the followers of a fire god and she now makes her living by killing gods. Until she meets a god she can’t kill, Skedi, a god of white lies who is bound to young noble on the run from assassins. Together this group mush travel to a ruined city where the last wild gods are to each beg a favor while also learning about the danger to their world and how they are the only ones that can stop it. This edition has an exclusive cover, art of the hardback, digitally printed edges, and foiled endpapers.

February’s theme is Into the Fire.

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