Video Game Review: Octopath Traveler

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Octopath Traveler is a HD-2D roll playing game from Square Enix originally made for the Nintendo Switch. You choose one of the eight characters to start the game with as a protagonist and journey through the world. Eventually you will met all of the eight character which all have different jobs that effect each characters play style. Though you can only have four characters in your party at any given time you can switch out characters to play though each characters four chapters.

The story of Octopath Traveler follows these eight characters with their own journeys such as revenge, hunting down a specific monster, becoming the best merchant, and so on. I enjoyed all of the characters stories but I do wish the game had found a way to connect all of the stories as there really isn’t a reason for these characters traveling together.

The game play itself is turn based with each character welding different weapons’ and having different weakness which changes how you will play the game. My starting character was H’aanit the huntress as I liked the concept of her story best but I don’t feel like she is the best character to start with if you are trying for the most optimum play through.

I did complete almost all of the side quest as they are a good way to level up the characters but I didn’t complete the game. The final dungeon and boss of the game require you to complete it in one go and while it is the one thing that tries to tie the character stories together its not something that I feel most people will finish. I attempted it and realized that I would need to be stronger and have a better strategy to beat this section of the game. Ultimately, this is one of those games that if you enjoy it I would recommend finishing all of the character stories but there is no need to beat that last dungeon.

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