Fae Crate Nameless Hangover Kit

IMG_0373For different books FaeCrate do Hangover Recovery kits for the book hangover you will have after finishing the book. They did a Mini Kit for the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Mass.

IMG_0375This kit did not come with a book just bookish items so it is perfect for those who love the series and want merch connected to the books and series as a whole. The bookish items included were a Aelin plushie (which FaeCrate include a plushie with every hangover kit), an Amulet of Orynthin Necklace which is long enough for an adult, and a Wyvern enamel pin. I chose to buy the up graded kit which included a set of Dust Jackets for the US Hardback editions of the Throne of Glass books.

I liked this box but I think that some of their other Hangover kits have been much better. Originally, I didn’t love the Dust Jackets but they’ve grown on me and I love the spines. I bought the hangover kit for the dust jackets so the other items didn’t matter to me. I do think that I will sell the plushie in the future.

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